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Nanami の日記 ~Zutto soba ni iru kara~

11 October
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Make a wish

Ohayo minna !~

Let me introduce myself :)
My nickname is Nanami, I’m 20 years old, and I’m found of Japan. I really love japanese culture, art, music, manga and drama. I listen japanese music all the time. I also listen Korean and Chinese music. Of course I watch a lot of Japanese/Korean and Chinese films or series.
I think I’m really influenced by the Japanese culture: in drawings (manga ♥) and also in my life, for exemple when I choose my clothes.
I start learning Japanese.
I love drawing, with this art we can tell all we want to say.
I also love to take a lot of photo, to take pictures of the sky...

Ja matta, ne ~

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Zutto soba ni iru kara

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